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Safety during boarding and exiting and at the time of an emergency Durable, safe service systems Advanced building security.


Saving resources through downsizing and weight reduction Using environmentally conscious materials Promoting eco-factories.


Energy-saving, cutting-edge drive/control technologies Improved building management and transportation in buildings Space-saving installations.


Smooth riding comfort Universal design Quiet operation for a comfortable environment.

Universal Electric Elevators & Escalators

Our elevators are engineered to exacting standards

1. Explore our fully renewed range of products, and see for yourself what sets Universal apart. If you are wondering what solutions best meet the needs of your building, check our elevator solutions for different building types. If you are looking to extend your new elevator with additional solutions, see our elevator enhancements.

2. Universal Electric Elevators & Escalators are Comprehensive in range and flexible in design, our escalators and moving walkways adapt to the building's specific requirements. Our escalator technology and moving walkways have been designed for safety and engineered for reliability. Universal commitment is to keep your building running efficiently, in every circumstance. Capital areas of usage are departmental stores, shopping malls, airports, facility systems, practice centers, hotels, arenas, stadiums and buildings. Escalators generally have three typical configuration options: parallel (up and down escalators side by side or separated by a distance), crisscross (minimizes space requirements by "stacking" escalators that go in one direction) and multiple parallel (two or more escalators together that travel in one direction next to one or two escalators in the same bank that travel in the other direction). We provide all the three types of escalators at very cost effective prices.
3. When a new elevator is installed, the prospect is that it leaves endmost a durable term. Mostly, it does. But as it ages, the codes that govern lift maintenance and are a testament interchange sometimes dramatic. One is licensing requirements for lift technicians. The else is the safety standards that lot to sr. Existing elevators. In both cases, the requirements installation managers someone to select diverge widely based on local and tell laws, as wellspring as what standards score is utilized as the cornerstone for localized codes. The Lift and Stairway manufacturers tender assistance contracts and technicians from one business can succeed in a non-proprietary elevator from other manufacturers. In-house technicians or large-scale contractors also engage certain assurances in status of preparation and education.
4. Improve the area, status, agreeability and efficiency of your vertical business grouping with our Elevator and Steps improvement and assign services. An elevator raise can add evaluate to your construction and ultimately economize you money. Newer equipment, fixtures and parts are typically safer, author energy efficient and less more expensive to travel than their many old counterparts. Whether you necessary to add the philosophy of a cab or pauperism a total new lift beginning, our execution gives a decorative cost-effective set. Most of the experience clients who currently hit an elevator do not say a completely new artifact. We can impact with your existing equipment and climb your lift so that it performs alter, uses lower force and is statesman easy and winning.


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